China Europe Finance Summit

Save the Date: Oct 20, 2020!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


We are happy to announce that the CEINEX Financial Markets Forum is now the China Europe Finance Summit and is jointly hosted by the Sino-German Center of Finance and Economics at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and the China Europe International Exchange (CEINEX). The hybrid conference on Sino-European Capital Markets will be held locally in Frankfurt and virtually worldwide on 20 October from 09.00 to 14.00 CET / 15.00 to 20.00 CST.

High-level personalities from politics, Knance, industry, and the scholar world will discuss the market relevant topics in the Sino-European relations and we invite you to join them: Don’t forget to make a mark in your calendar! We will send you more information about topics and speakers in the upcoming weeks.

The current economic and social reality is intensely shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic. This applies to all major economic areas from America to Europe and China. Beyond these obvious challenges, however, there are ongoing structural changes that we should put back into focus. China is continuing to open up its economy and capital markets. The Western economies rethink their relations to China. And at the same time, challenges such as trade tensions persist and in Europe the Brexit is becoming reality.

We experience times of change that create new entrepreneurial opportunities in China as well as in Europe. New risks have to be managed. At the same time, the business and political course must be set in such a way that stable structures of global cooperation can be created and prosperity ensured.


Until shortly we remain With best regards,          

Niels Tomm Co-CEO CEINEX

Prof. Dr. Horst Löchel Co-Chairman Sino-German Center


In case of any further questions, please contact:

Mr. Sascha Dettmar

+49 69 247415966

China Europe International Exchange (CEINEX)

Mrs. Nana Berhane

+49 69 154008770

Sino-German Center


Frankfurt am Main, Germany  

September 2020