Settlement & Custody

CEINEX Securities Are Settled via Clearstream

Settlement for securities traded on CEINEX is performed by Clearstream’s services and channels, with no CEINEX specific connectivity or account changes necessary.

Upon receipt of an instruction, Clearstream ensures the transaction settles on time by using a book-entry system in which cash and securities change hands simultaneously. Clearstream’s industry-leading settlement engines are fully optimised, allowing real-time settlement – especially important in today’s environment where a premium is placed on rapid settlement and maximum liquidity.


Custody and Asset Servicing
Customers deposit their securities and Clearstream manages, safekeeps and administers them. A best-in-class range of asset servicing solutions that reduce custody administration costs, including income, corporate actions, proxy voting and tax services is also available.

About Clearstream

As a global leader in post-trade securities services, Clearstream plays a central and integral role in the financial industry. Post-trade services are required to execute the transfer of ownership and cash after a securities trade has been made. Clearstream is part of the Deutsche Börse Group that provides the market infrastructure enabling banks to trade with each other in an efficient, streamlined and secure way. The key objective is to absorb market complexity and deliver efficient, secure and flexible solutions for the financial industry.

With more than EUR 13 trillion of assets under custody, Clearstream is one of the world’s largest settlement and custody firms. Clearstream's services include issuance, settlement and safekeeping of securities, asset servicing, investment funds services and global securities financing.

More than 2,000 employees serve some 2,500 clients in around 110 countries from its headquarters in Luxembourg and Frankfurt as well as from other operational centers and regional offices in Dubai, Cork, Hong Kong, London, New York, Prague, Singapore, Tokyo and Zurich.