CEINEX earns positive inclusion in Joint Statement of 2nd China-Germany High Level Financial Dialogue in Beijing


Beijing – Frankfurt a.M./Germany, January 18, 2019 – On Friday, January 18, the 2nd China-Germany High Level Financial Dialogue was concluded by Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and German Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz in Beijing. The China Europe International Exchange (CEINEX), a direct outcome of the 1st China-Germany High Level Financial Dialogue in 2015, highly appreciates the inclusion of its unique marketplace as an important platform for the promotion of bilateral financial cooperation within the Joint Statement announced by both sides:

  • Support CEINEX to launch A-Share Index Derivatives in Frankfurt
  • Support CEINEX to further enhance Chinese stocks and bond listings in its marketplace as well as to support the development of RMB internationalization
  • Welcome the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Bank of China and CEINEX to support Chinese enterprises to be listed in the CEINEX D-Share Market in Frankfurt

Link to official Joint Statement:

BMF China-German Financial Dialogue - Official Statement


A-Share Index Derivatives

CEINEX welcomes the announcement that both sides support CEINEX to launch A-Share Index Derivatives in Frankfurt to offer risk management instruments for international investors and support the further opening up of the Chinese capital markets.

CEINEX Marketplace

Both sides support CEINEX to enhance its marketplace by inviting German companies to issue RMB-denominated bonds and Chinese issuers to issue and list bonds as well as stocks in the CEINEX D-Share Market. The CEINEX D-Share Market was launched in October 2018 through the successful placement of a secondary public offering by the Chinese corporation Qingdao Haier on the Frankfurt stock market.

MoU with Bank of China

In December 2018, CEINEX signed a  Memorandum of Understanding with the Bank of China to support Chinese companies to issue D-Shares and for Bank of China to facilitate further support in other financing measures for these enterprises.


Also announced in the Joint Statement is a feasibility study on Depositary Receipt listings in Frankfurt and Shanghai to be conducted by Deutsche Börse Group and Shanghai Stock Exchange. The option to further diversify the channels for China-related, exchange listed investment product offerings in Frankfurt confirms CEINEX` pioneering work of bridging markets.

Dr. Chen Han, Co-CEO of CEINEX, commented: “The timing and the outcome of the 2nd China-Germany High Level Financial Dialogue document the ongoing process of China’s continuous opening up of its financial markets. As an important platform of financial cooperation between China and Germany, CEINEX is honored to be part of this elementary development and will keep on pushing hard to successfully launch further products connecting the international with the Chinese capital market. ”

Mr. Niels Tomm, Co-CEO of CEINEX, said: “Being included in this Joint Statement by the two highest financial authorities of Germany and China is the outcome of the hard and innovative work CEINEX has put in in the past years to facilitate international investors with exchange traded investment products with a Chinese underlying and to give Chinese corporations and financial institution access to European financial markets. It also shows that cooperation of exchanges across continents does work and motivates us to further explore new opportunities to bridge the financial markets in Europe and China.”


About China Europe International Exchange AG (CEINEX)

Based in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, CEINEX is a joint venture established by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Deutsche Börse Group, and the China Financial Futures Exchange. As the first marketplace for RMB-related and China-related investment products in the Chinese offshore market, it acts as a unique bridge between the Chinese and international financial markets. CEINEX is dedicated to providing reliable offshore RMB- and China-related financial instruments to investors, so as to promote RMB internationalization.

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