CEINEX operates on Deutsche Börse Group’s infrastructure under European regulations. Clearstream, a subsidiary of Deutsche Börse Group, fully supports issuance of securities traded on CEINEX market through its existing procedures and systems.

Clearstream’s customised services cover the entire lifecycle of a security. The Global Issuer Hub of Clearstream is a one-stop issuance solution that helps issuers reach investors worldwide at the lowest financing cost in almost 100 denomination currencies.

Key Issuance Steps

If you are a primary market participant, such as an issuer, a legal counsel, a lead manager and/or an issuing agent, you can benefit from Clearstream’s services for the admission and primary distribution of securities. We recommend issuers to obtain legal advice as early as possible in the pre-issuance phase in order to gain necessary information on available custody models as well as applicable custody and tax regulations that impact the financial transaction. Legal specialists will support the selection of the appropriate deposit structure and creation of the required security prospectus and/or T&C documentation.

Request of an ISIN is one of the pre-issuance requirements necessary for securities issuance in Germany. Issuers can submit such an ISIN-request to WM Datenservice.

Last but not least, the selection of the right partners for the roles of lead manager, paying/cash agent or depository bank is an important task on the issuer agenda.

Global Issuer Hub

Clearstream’s Global Issuer Hub covers the entire issuance cycle from admission to distribution and asset servicing for issuers, their agents and the market

  • Allocation and communication of security codes (i.e. ISIN and/or common code)
  • Processing of the admission request including legal, compliance and operational checks
  • Smooth primary settlement monitored by the dedicated team
  • Comprehensive investor information services
  • Advisory services and training
  • Reference data services