CEINEX Academy

Comprehensive and Tailor-made Financial Training for Your Talent

CEINEX training programs provide unique opportunities for employees from all levels of financial institutions, enterprises, solution and service providers as well as interested individuals to gain in-depth knowledge on the European capital markets. In addition to traditional lectures by industry professional, CEINEX training programs offer first-hand experiences with corporate outreach to gain detailed insights and experiences in European operations, providing face to face contacts with local professionals and, subsequently, even creating new business opportunities. 

With European capital markets knowledge as a core component of our curriculum, CEINEX Academy offers multi-layered programs ranging from fundamental to advanced courses, accompanied by additional elective courses. The full-range curriculum satisfies various demands of our training participants and participating institutions. You may attend classes to get an in-depth understanding of the European capital markets and to acquire trading and investment skills.

The trainers of CEINEX Academy are either professionals from European financial markets or well-known academics, all equipped with a variety of strong expertise and knowledge. CEINEX Academy always upholds highest standards in its selection of trainers and corporate visits to provide an excellent experience to our trainees. 

Contact: info@ceinex.com

For more information, please download CEINEX Training Brochure below.