From issuance to post trading, CEINEX covers a large range of services.

What Do We Offer?

CEINEX comprises a large variety of products and services. Not only do we offer financial products and exchange services from beginning to end of the trading cycle, we also work with financial institutions and companies from the manufacturing and services industry to realize new and innovative financial products, offering new investment opportunities to investors worldwide . 

CEINEX conforms to the regulation well-known to the international trading community. All products are issued and traded under German and European capital market regulations and exchange rules.

The product and service offering of CEINEX is based on the trading, clearing and settlement infrastructure of Deutsche Börse Group. Memberships of Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Eurex provide direct access to CEINEX products for cash and derivatives trading.


Issuance and Listing

Introduce Your Products to CEINEX Market

CEINEX welcomes issuers to issue products based on Chinese underlyings and to list the products in the CEINEX market. Products, including shares & DRs, bonds, ETFs, ETCs & ETNs can be traded by international investors in the CEINEX market. More cash market products will be developed and launched in the near future.

Trading and post-trading of CEINEX products is operated on existing markets and infrastructure of Deutsche Börse Group. The products of CEINEX follow the regular listing and trading procedures of Deutsche Börse Group under European regulations.



Benefit from an Ever Growing Product Offering

Right from the start CEINEX offer cash market products for trading including ETFs and bonds. Further instruments will follow step by step.

Trade China- and RMB-related products by using your membership of Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FWB®) and based on the existing infrastructure and interfaces with Xetra®.

We make trading of CEINEX products easy for you. As a Frankfurt Stock Exchange member, you simply use the Deutsche Börse infrastructure for trading, clearing and settlement.

No change in trading interfaces is necessary. No additional admission is required. Just make sure your own trading system supports CNY transactions and your clearer supports CNY clearing.

In order to activate your membership for CNY trading, you need to submit the activation form to Deutsche Börse Member Services. The respective form is available here.

Post-Trade Services

Clearing, Settlement and Custody Make Markets Safer

Clearing is used to net claims and liabilities relating to financial transactions against each other. The clearing for transactions of CEINEX products is provided by Eurex Clearing AG, Europe's leading Central Counterparty (CCP), processing gross risks valued at approximately EUR 18 trillion every month, with fully-automated, straight-through post-trade services.

Settlement and custody guarantee the smooth settlement of a transaction, ensuring that individual positions are processed correctly after a transaction is completed and cash is exchanged for securities. Another function is to credit customer’s custody account and ensure the custody of securities at a central location. The settlement services of CEINEX products are provided by Clearstream.