CEINEX – Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) & Exchange Traded Products (ETPs)

ETFs – Perfect Instruments for Passive Investment Strategies


Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)/Exchangr Traded Produts (ETPs) pursue a passive investment strategy. They aim to track the performance of an underlying index as precisely and cost-efficiently as possible. Underlying indices may be national or international stock indices, bond and real-estate indices or commodity and strategy indices. By replicating indices, entire markets can be traded as easily as a share.

With our Chinese ETF/ETP products, CEINEX offers issuers a variety of opportunities to enrich their product line in China- and RMB-related investments, participating in the performance of capital markets in Mainland China.

Basic Facts:

  • All ETFs/ETPs are listed in the regulated market
  • Underlying assets include stocks, money market and other kinds of capital market indices
  • Trading currency: Renminbi (RMB) or Euro
  • Trading platform: Xetra® – XETR and Börse Frankfurt – XFRA
  • Trading model: Continuous trading with auction and designated sponsors; continuous auction with market maker


Deutsche Börse’s ETF Offering

With more than 1,500 exchange traded funds, Deutsche Börse offers you the largest offer of all European stock exchanges.

Trading Times at Xetra (XETR) (CET)

8.50 a.m. Opening auction

9.00 a.m. Start of trading

5.30 p.m. End of trading and closing auction

Trading Times at Börse Frankfurt (XFRA) (CET)

8.00 a.m. Start of trading

8.00 p.m. End of trading

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How can investors join CEINEX market?

Buy-side institutions and financial market end customers can access CEINEX market and its products via service providers.