Successful Market Launch of CEINEX

Launch Ceremony with Chinese Ambassador and the CEOs of SSE and Deutsche Börse


China Europe International Exchange (CEINEX), the joint venture of Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), Deutsche Börse and China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX) was successfully launched today in Frankfurt. First trades have already taken place in the first hours of market operations.

At 9 a.m. CET, the executive board members of CEINEX, CHEN Han (Co-CEO) and WU Jianhong (Board Member) opened the new market place with a bell ringing at the Trading Floor of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The launch ceremony took place in the presence of the Chinese ambassador Mr SHI Mingde and CEOs of the owners: Mr HUANG Hongyuan, President of Shanghai Stock Exchange, and Mr Carsten Kengeter, CEO of Deutsche Börse AG.

The joint venture was agreed among the three partners at the end of May 2015 and has effectively been implemented within the last 6 months. At market launch, CEINEX offers ETFs based on mainland Chinese underlyings and a broad range of Renminbi-denominated (RMB) bonds. Amongst them, there are two new RMB denominated ETFs: the “Bank of China International (BOCI) Commerzbank SSE 50 A Share Index UCITS ETF (the “SSE 50 ETF”, ISIN LU1306625283), and the “Commerzbank CCBI RQFII Money Market UCITS ETF (the “Money Market ETF”, ISIN GB00BVJF7G73), all issued by Commerzbank in partnership with Bank of China International and China Construction Bank International respectively. The SSE 50 ETF is the first ETF in Europe tracking the SSE50 A-Share-Index while the Money Market ETF is the only RMB money market ETF, investing in onshore Chinese assets, available in Europe. Furthermore, one new corporate RMB bond issued by Bank of China Abu Dhabi (ISIN XS1254575415) is offered.

“Today’s start of market operation is a major milestone to establish the world’s first authorized Renminbi market outside mainland China. We aim to steadily expand our product offering to further increase the attractiveness of CEINEX for international investors," said CHEN Han.

“We are very pleased by the support of market participants like Bank of China International, China Construction Bank and Commerzbank which provide essential support to commence trading from the beginning. More market participants are getting ready and will join soon,” added Jianhong Wu.


About China Europe International Exchange

CEINEX – China Europe International Exchange AG – offers investment products based on Chinese underlyings to international investors, starting with cash market products. CEINEX is the first and only dedicated platform for authorized RMB-denominated trading outside mainland China – offering attractive new trading opportunities to trade China in a most efficient manner, supporting RMB internationalization effectively.

It is a joint venture by Shanghai Stock Exchange, Deutsche Börse and China Financial Futures Exchange. The new market place was launched in November 2015.


About Shanghai Stock Exchange

Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), founded in 1990, is a membership institution directly governed by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). The SSE bases its development on the principle of “legislation, supervision, self-regulation and standardisation” to create a transparent, open, safe and efficient marketplace. The SSE has become the preeminent stock market in mainland China by number of listed companies, market capitalisation, turnover in equities and treasury bonds. As of today, 1,071 shares were listed on SSE with a total market capitalisation of RMB 28.9 trillion. SSE is fully committed to the goal of the state-owned industrial enterprises reform and developing Shanghai into an international financial centre with great confidence.


About Deutsche Börse Group

Deutsche Börse Group is one of the world’s leading service providers for securities and derivatives markets with products and services offered for issuers, investors, intermediaries and data vendors. The Group covers the entire process chain from trading through clearing to settlement and securities custody, as well as market data, indices and analytics.
Deutsche Börse Group is also a global innovator in financial markets technology, including the industry leading T7 trading platform and C7 clearing system.


About China Financial Futures Exchange

With the approval of the State Council and the authorisation of China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX) was jointly founded by Shanghai Futures Exchange, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, Dalian Commodity Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange on 8 September 2006 in Shanghai. Having successfully launched five products, i.e. CSI 300 stock index futures, SSE 50 stock index futures, CSI 500 stock index futures, 5-year government bond futures and 10-year government bond futures, CFFEX is now working to further expand its product portfolio to cover stock index options, foreign exchange futures and interest rate futures.